Change Notes for Nikola 3

for Linux

(changes from Nikola 2)

  1. General

    This is a new Operating System release. Many binaries that were compiled for Nikola 2 for Red Hat will still work, but some will need to be recompiled.

    Because Nikola 3 is based on a newer operating system programs compiled on a Nikola 3 host will not be backwards compatible with Nikola 2.

    We are working to create a list of these programs. If you find something that doesn't work correctly please let your admins know about it by emailing to the appropriate -bugs email address.

    There are a lot of programs that need to be recompiled, some will be higher priority than others. If a program is critical to your research please indicate how and how many people are impacted by it not being available.

    The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 base OS install is much larger than the Red Hat Linux 7.3 base image. As a result you will need at least 12GB of space on your root drive. Installs of this system will completely wipe the root drive due to the need to repartition, including the scratch partition /s0.

  2. EMAIL

    /var/spool/mail and /var/mail are no longer pointing at an NFS mount from our mail servers. All email access should be done using IMAP or filter programs. If you are using procmail or slocal to pre-sort email into your home directory please contact your administrative support address (ssli-bugs, mtml-bugs, vlsi-bugs, etc) for assistance.

    1. NMH:

      Red Hat no longer provides nmh binaries. We have installed the latest stable release (nmh-1.0.4) in Nikola space. If you call slocal in any of your configuration files you will need to change the path to /usr/nikola/lib/slocal.

  3. GNOME:

    The new default X11 environment is based on gnome 2. Your existing gnome 1 settings will not be used. If you have configured gnome 2 under Solaris 9, those settings will be used if possible.

  4. PERL:

    The active version of Perl in /usr/nikola is 5.8.2. This is a clean install - any modules that were installed in the Nikola 2 Perl will need to be re-installed in the new version.

    In an effort at starting with a clean slate we are not installing modules by default. If you need a module installed please let your system administrators know by sending mail to the correct -bugs address for your lab.

  5. SSH:

    Nikola 2 & Nikola 3 Linux Kerberos SSH tickets are not interchangable.

    You will be asked to log in when you ssh between hosts running the two different releases, but can ssh between hosts running the same OS without having to re-enter your password.

    The use of ssh-agent is no longer supported. Use kerberos tickets instead. The use of ssh keys is strongly discouraged and will be disabled in a future release.

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