NIKOLA Computing


Nikola Tesla

UWEE's Research Computing Infrastructure

Major Releases

Nikola 6.0.0 for 64bit Linux
released 29 FEB, 2012

Nikola 5.0.0 for 64bit Linux
released 14 JUN, 2010

Nikola 4.0.0 for 32bit Linux
released 17 AUG, 2007

Nikola 4.0.0 for 64bit Linux
released 6 JUN, 2006

Nikola 3.0.0 for Linux
released 30 APR, 2004

Nikola 2.0.0 for Linux
released 23 SEP, 2002

Nikola 2.0.0 for Solaris
released 27 JAN, 2003

Nikola 1.0.0, First Release
Released 14 NOV, 2001, 10:33

Subsequent minor releases are noted in the changelog.

Nikola Tesla is one of the great inventors of the modern era. Not only did he create such remarkable devices as the Tesla Coil but he is also responsible for AC generators, which are absolutely critical to America's (indeed, much of the world's) infrastructure. We have chosen to honor him by naming our Unix infrastructure for Research Computing after him.

A "Unix Infrastructure" comprises the nameservices (account, printcap, group, DNS, etc), the network, the servers and services, the layout of the filesystems, the automated creation of crontabs and other control files (via nuggets), and the user 'home' or login environment. It defines how all of the parts interact, as well as how the system administrators deal with those parts.

One of our main goals in designing Nikola was to enable groups to join in easily while maintaining their autonomy with file services and user environments. A major benefit of Nikola is that it allows us to leverage the work done by all of the admins, instead of each one having to re-create systems independently.

The architects are Lee Damon (SSLI Lab), Justin Clayton (VLSI), Sekar Thiagaragan (EE Computing), and Jeff Silverman (formerly with RCS). Major contributions are being made by Ian Masterson (SSLI Lab), and Jason Heiss (EE Computing). Support is also being provided by Haychoi Taing and Jeff Hughes (SSLI Lab).

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